20 July 2011
‘Riston’company participated in the Summer Fancy Food Show held in Washington this year. This was the first time we made a presentation of the Company’s products at a US exhibition. The majority of those participating were professionals in the food industry ranging from beverage manufacturers, food producers, retailers and persons from the HoReCa sector. Although the dominant presence was from the US, the attendance of European food professionals was also noticeable. The healthy life and nutrition segment took center stage at the fair. Our collection and display of teas at a prominent Stand at the event received special attention drawing a large number of interested parties, especially to teas packed in foil envelopes. The Americans paid special attention to ‘Maple Tea’, a hot favourite while herbal fruits ‘Cherry & Jasmine’ and‘Sweet Berries’ also evoked great interest amongst those visiting our Stand. Altogether, the interest in our products was overwhelming.

Do you know

What are the benefits of green tea?

Lots of people think that green tea keeps their weight in check. It was used as a medicine thousands of years ago and used from lowering blood pressure to preventing cancer.
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